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Musing's of a Locavore, Rantings of a Madman

Thanks for stopping by here. I'm just a regular guy who has a job in a local factory, loves to read, hunt and fish and I have a million kids. I'm a modern day urban farmer, belonging to a co-op selling at the local farmers market. Being like many modern day farmers, I wear many hats to keep my family clothed and fed, writing, farming, working and fixing computers help me round out my homesteading lifestyle, and most of it can be done right at home!!! Look into my homesteading series - and some quick articles with pictures showing how I do some of the things that keep the household and homestead busy, happy and healthy! I'm always available to answer emails at boyd3@live.com, find me on Facebook (where most of my info is shared) or checkout my website at http://locavore.webs.com/ I've always written short stories for my kids and my own entertainment, now here I am jumping off the deep end. Wish me luck!